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5 Tips to Getting Your Fire BACK!

Many days I find myself walking in the mundane.The area to which my life seems pointless. I will have all the visions and revelations then something happens. My passion for my calling or desires has suddenly vanishes. I don’t know exactly how to get it back. I have come across a season of nothingness. I will spend days upon weeks wondering where did my hunger go? Shortly, after I will catch myself scrolling through social media a lot more and having no true passion for life.

We lose our fire daily due to life responsibilities and certain unpleasant valleys that we go through internally and externally. The goal isn’t to never let the fire die out, but it's to understand it happens to all of us and at times it is God testing us. Testing to see if we will serve Him without a fire. How will we be when there is no fire and no passion? Can we still bring forth the visions and revelations that He had shown us prior? It’s up to us to see this time not as us doing something wrong, but us doing something right. What if God purposely removes the fire to build our faith? What if God removes the fire for us to trust Him even in the most foggy moments of our lives.

If you are currently in a similar season be sure to take these next 5 steps to help you GET YOUR FIRE BACK!

The 1st step to getting your fire back is to “Acknowledge God in All Your Ways.” We will never know why we were created if we never tap into the creator. The creator states that He formed you in the womb and has set you apart. He has placed certain unique qualities in you, that no one else has. You are perfectly designed by Him. The only way to understand fully what you was designed for is to talk to the designer. The designer will reveal to you direction and confidence. He won’t let you go through it alone, but awaken you to utilize Him every step of the way.

The 2nd step to getting your fire back is to “Push Through.” To not grow complacent with life today. No matter age or circumstances we must never stop hungering for more. So, when all fire has left and you are standing their in smoke, what you do in the absence of fire? You stand up. You wake up on a daily mission. Your mission may change day to day, but wake up with an urgency. The urgency will allow you to live fully. Pushing through is saying regardless of my fire is apparent or not I will live each and everyday to the best of my ability.

The 3rd step to getting your fire back is “Utilizing Your Time.” God has gifted each of us with time. We have the gift of time. Time to think, Time to breath. Time to love. Time to laugh. Time to play. Time to sleep. We must embrace this thing called time and use it to our best ability. People die daily and we must see how precious time is. We each must awaken to this gift called time and utilize each day. Becoming aware of what you do with your time will be an amazing step to getting your fire back.

The 4th step to getting your fire back is “Finding Time to Rest.” I know I just told you to utilize your time, but resting is also a good way to spend time on yourself. Each day we are overwhelmed with daily schedules and responsibilities. Finding rest in the midst of our weekly duties can be hard, but we must take time to kick up our feet and watch our favorite TV show or take an extra long shower deep conditioning our hair and a mani-pedi night. Finding rest is for the soul. To break away from the next thing on the to do list and just live and rest in the moment. Jesus told his Disciples after the death of John the baptist “Come away by yourselves to a lonely place and rest a while.” Mark 6:31 Christ new his people needed rest. The soul needed rest. The rejuvenation that comes with rest spiritually and naturally can better equip us to walk more boldly for God.

The 5th step to getting your fire back is “Not Stopping.” Not hitting the retreat button when things no longer look clear. No, running back to the safe zone when God has been quiet. The final step to getting your fire back is utilizing all the previous lessons and revelations that God has given you. Getting your fire back is never quitting when the battlefield gets to ugly. Getting your fire back mean to stay grounded and pursuing whatever it is like you never lost your fire. We as people are all based on feelings. If we don't feel good then nothing's good. If that friend stops making us feel good then we are quick to runaway. God is saying even when there is no feeling still serve me. Even when their is no hunger still strive after me. Even when their is no fire still praise like their is. Just because the fire goes away doesn’t mean the vision, resources, or God does. Stay planted in what you knew when you had the fire and before you know it… you will look up and be back on fire for your God and your passion. New ideas will come about and a hunger to serve God more boldly and will become apparent in your life.

This season will build up your faith and give you the courage to walk more bolder in the calling of God.

“Daughter your faith has made you whole, go in peace and be healed of your affliction.” Mark 5:34

-The Awakened Daughter

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