Jan 15

Day 9


✨ How is it going for you? Honestly, I'm over water 💦and my stomach has been growling since 5:45 this morning. This fast isn't easy, but I know it is breaking emotional eating chains, pride, and fleshly desires! And I'm being freed in the spiritual which will make me lighter in the natural! Be honest about your struggle and allow God to pour back in you!

You are so right. I feel my emotional eating chain being broken, but, this is so difficult... but, I can do it! Thank you for your encouraging words... it's getting me through it :)!

This fast has been challenging me. It’s so funny because as my stomach is growling, I said let me check this group. & of course MTJ is on point! I am full and this water and God’s word is sustaining me

Jan 16

To be honest it's not going well, please pray for me that I get stronger and disciplined and more faithful to God.. Pray that I fast soon put myself out of the way and closer to God...I can't stop eating...

Gabrielle, you got this! Just try and stay focus. No judgment we all fall short. Focus on God's word, drink your water or tea; and you can do it!!!

I jump in late so today is actually day 3 for me. I too am hungry lol and my job has been having sooo much food in the office lately. I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate and this is exactly what my life needed in this season. The lesson and and journal prompts for Week 1 are really moving my prayer life in another direction AND my bundle box arrived! I can’t wait to open it and dive in! We’ve got this y’all!

Jan 16

To be honest I fell & got back up & fell again & don’t know what to do. My life is a wreck & I ask God to help me to be honest to myself. My mind is all over the place. I pray y’all have a wonderful & blessed day!

Praying for you Kayla! God is so much bigger than what we can’t do! Our strength is in him!

Jan 16Edited: Jan 16

Kayla, go STRONG in your prayer life. GOD's got it for you! It doesn't matter how many times you fall, you keep getting up and pushing forward... the devil can't win. As Candace stated, GOD certainly is so much bigger than whatever you're going through. Hang in there, Sis! GOD's got you!

Jan 16

Thank you so much

Just seeing all these comments! You ladies are so encouraging!!! Week 2 is easier physical but harder mentally for me!

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  • 🙏🏽I gotta work on trusting God with all things. I get overwhelmed bad and crunched for time, but I know God's just watching me stress and hoping that I will soon come to the end of myself and give it all to Him. I'm trying too Ladies, to trust God with all of it and Let Go! What are you trusting God with?
  • Ummm question... Has anyone had Breakdown/Breakthrough? I did and since I've felt so emotional!! My breakdown came from feeling like I wasn't fasting effectively. I just felt like I wasn't doing enough, but then realized.. old testament is through works. New testament is through Grace. So, I decided to stop trying to allow my works to validate me, but allow God's grace to validate me. His Grace says keep trying! Keep going and I'll break more off of you to get you to your Breakthrough. You are Growing... keep Going!