Jan 9

Day 3


☀️ Good Morning Ladies, hoping you are ready for a powerful Day of God! Post in the group a photo of yourself today and let us know how your fast is going! ✨It's only 6:46a.m. here and I'm already hungry, and I didn't sleep very well last night. My mind was very loud and I kept waking up! Today, I will be cautious of my eating choices and eat to live, not live to eat!


Definitely being tried with a lot of food but I am pushing through and praying through it all!

Jan 9

Sorry guys I'm not that tech savy, but everytime I go to upload the saved pic from my phone to my One-Drive and post my pic, it keeps showing no record of being saved. I will try to upload again later. By the way, Alexus, you look beautiful! And Tracy, I see your lovely face all the time on you-tube and you guys are both twinses with being fashionistas. I like your style!

Thank you!! And it may be easier to take the picture, I’m not sure if you have google photos, but you can save the picture there too and post like that!

Jan 10

Hey Alexus, hope your fasting journey is going strong! I always seem to get really hungry that last hour. I just checked my phone and I don't have Google photos but that's OK. I will figure out how to post my photo soon. I don't give up that easily! Thank you for sharing that info.

Jan 9


Good afternoon! At work & push through all these emotions going on in my life but God

Looking Good Kayla! I Love Your Cup!!! 😍😍

Jan 9Edited: Jan 9

My fast is going really well! Yesterday was really hard due to my cycle coming on lol so I was extremely sleeply and slightly cranky but I managed to push through it. I’ve found that black tea keeps me energized and feeling full. I also changed my bedtime to a later time so I could do more reading and praying.





Looking good Erica and I will try to see if Black tea will help me too!

A tea with added ginger is an excellent option while fasting. Ginger is soothing to the stomach and can help quell your hunger pangs and cravings. (I copied this from an article)

Day 3 is a struggle for me. Yesterday I was so high, had a great day at work & a major break through during my devo time with God. Today I felt stuck, frustrated, and lonely. God told me to watch your video ( tbh I just wanted to sleep my thoughts off and hold it off until tomorrow .. excuses ) but I’m staying Strong

Jan 10

I know I'm all late with this, but hang in there gurl! We've all had those days and it gets better. Fasting can be an emotional rollacoster ride sometimes so don't get discouraged. Keep your focus on God and other goals that need prioritizing in your life right now, whether spiritual or natural. Hopefully today was much better and days after that even MORE better in Jesus name.

Thank you( sorry for the late response, not good with keeping up) it has been much better in Jesus name, I am so grateful for this fast!

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