Jan 13

Day 7 Refocus


✨Hey Ladies, today sit down and refocus! Remind yourself why your are fasting and get a new momentum for all that week 2 will bring! 📸 Post a photo of your Prayer Journal to encourage all the ladies!

This was a tough week for me but I am not giving up... .Can't wait to see what's install for next week ... 💪💪

Yes Lahya! Don't give up, we all have had some struggling times! Week 2 will be powerful! Interceding for You!

Thanks again for answering my question in the Wednesday chat! After watching, I've realized how much I truly didnt prepare myself for this journey. As far as food, i did great on day 1. Afterwards, I lacked lots of discipline. My prayer life this week has been almost non existent as well. To make matters worse, I'm facing some hard issues in my marriage. This week has been truly a chaotic eye opener. But I'm DETERMINED to make week 2 better, in Jesus name!

Jan 13

Hi Nakita, in Jesus name week 2.

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  • ✨You went to war!! You fought against your own desires and I know it wasn't easy! So, What was your revelation or breakthrough?
  • 🙏🏽I gotta work on trusting God with all things. I get overwhelmed bad and crunched for time, but I know God's just watching me stress and hoping that I will soon come to the end of myself and give it all to Him. I'm trying too Ladies, to trust God with all of it and Let Go! What are you trusting God with?
  • Ummm question... Has anyone had Breakdown/Breakthrough? I did and since I've felt so emotional!! My breakdown came from feeling like I wasn't fasting effectively. I just felt like I wasn't doing enough, but then realized.. old testament is through works. New testament is through Grace. So, I decided to stop trying to allow my works to validate me, but allow God's grace to validate me. His Grace says keep trying! Keep going and I'll break more off of you to get you to your Breakthrough. You are Growing... keep Going!