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Profess Your Faith​

Feed Yourself Truth

Connect to A Community

Profess Your Faith

Step 1

Jesus forgive me of my sins (say exact sins) Lust, fornication, anger, hatred, jealousy, unforgiveness, selfish, etc. Please clean me with your blood and sacrifice, make me a new creation in you. Take away the old man and give me a new life in you. 

Lord, I release all the baggage, trauma, hurt, pain and deeds of my past. I let go of the woman of yesterday and grab ahold of who you have called me to be.

I profess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Lord show me how to walk with you all the days of my life. Forgive me Lord, because I have sinned and desired other things more than you. Forgive me Lord because now I realize all I need is in you. In Jesus Name.. Amen

Feed Yourself Truth

Step 2

Take time daily even 5 minutes to pray, prayer journal and seek God. This new journey starts with a new hunger and mindset for God. Now, this is your chance to go all in and trust God fully. 

We have many free Resources for You to empower you through the Word of God!

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Get Connected

Step 3

It's not good to be all alone, connect with a church in your area, join the YouTube Ministry and stay connected. Be Encouraged to Never Stop your journey and always lean into God.

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