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The Esther Fast

Back in 2015, I was living in sin, and desperate for Jesus. I had been backsliding a lot. I loved God, but I still wanted my own way. But one day I came across the scriptures in the Book of Esther. As I began to read this story, I knew there was power in fasting. I wasn’t new to fasting but new to the Fast of Esther. My boyfriend at that time was going away for a five-day work trip. So I planned my 3-day fast to occur during that time. I sat with God, cried out, and sought God in my biggest struggles.

I was living with my boyfriend because I didn’t have enough money to live on campus. My college tuition covered only the cost of my classes, so room and board were not included. For the next three days, I worked in the evening but spent every free moment with God. I asked God for help and direction. I didn't want to live in sin anymore, but I didn't know how to get out. By the end of my 3-day fast, I finally knew what I needed to do and had the courage to do it. God gave me clear instructions…“Move back to campus and leave this place”. Naturally, my mind thought, “I can't afford it” and “where will I live?”

Nonetheless, when my boyfriend returned, I broke the news. He was hurt but understood. For the next few days, I started packing and preparing for the new semester on campus. Still scared, but having faith. A few days after I broke the news, I received an email from the dean of the chemistry department. At the time, I was a biology major. He let me know about a scholarship they wanted to give me due to my good grade point average. I asked him what I needed to do and what the scholarships covered. He said I didn’t have to do anything but accept it because they already had me as the recipient of the scholarship, and the scholarship only covered room and board.

My body froze. I realized that God couldn't move until I moved out of His way. This random scholarship had my name on it and was exactly what I needed to go through college without needing any loans. That was my first experience with the Esther Fast. I was a young girl who only had faith, and God used that one fast to get me back on track with Him.

Now over eight years later, I have seen so many powerful moves of God during this fast.

My most extensive advice to you is…

If you find yourself stuck, fast.

If you find yourself lost, fast.

If you find yourself hurt, fast.

If you find yourself confused, fast.

Today you may wonder if you should fast, and I want to invite you to join the corporate Esther fast. May it bless your life as it has mine.

Weekly Scripture


If you keep quiet at a time like this, deliverance and relief for the Jews will arise from some other place, but you and your relatives will die. Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?”.



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