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Stop Hiding

On the phone with my Mama one evening when these words spewed out of my mouth.. "I feel like I'm living to different lives! By day I'm just a quiet woman working a 9 to 5 and by evening I am a powerhouse for God". As those words came out I realized that I was still hiding.

No one ever told me to hide who I really was, but in a way they did! See in college I was kind of ostracized for denouncing my greek letters. I knew it was Gods will, but it made many people not like me anymore and talk about me. This made me go from an outspoken woman to a woman that hid, shrunk-back, and was very insecure.

I learned that it's easier for you and others if you hid your calling, potential, ideas and hopes. If I stayed quiet and played my role then everything ran smoothly.

See, everything ran smoothly for others, but for me I was dying inside due to the the convictions of my life and potential wasn't adding up.

I didn't just stop hiding, I started embracing. When it came to getting invited out for weekend drinks instead of saying I was busy, I would finally speak up and say I do not drink. When it came to needing a day-off for my ministry to-do's, I no longer would make a vague statement about a lot to do, I would openly say my non-profit needed work.

I finally got to a place I was tired of hiding and I was ready to start multiplying!

No more was I going to hide my true unique characteristics.

No more was I going to shy away from conversation because I didn't want anyone else to feel uncomfortable or convicted.

No more was I going to walk in fear and intimidation of others!

No more was I going to downplay my God!

No more was I going to hide.

That one little conversation with my Mama made me aware that the hiding wasn't something God wanted, but something I put on myself based on my own past experiences.

I challenge you Daughter of God, to STOP HIDING AND START MULTIPLYING!

Start embracing the gifts and power within you!

Stop downplaying and sugar coating all that God is doing for you and through you!

Stop Hiding!

Weekly Scripture

"Don't be afraid. I am with you. Don't tremble with fear. I am your God. I will make you strong, as I protect you with my arm and give you victories."

Isaiah 41:10

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Can I be a part of your ministry? I want do work in God's Kingdom. I am a 45 yr old woman of 8 children and 1 granddaughter whose 2. I want my life full of Christ.

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