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See Yourself Clearly!

What if I told you that the reason you give up, the reason you haven’t built the business, started the mentorship program, or written the book, isn’t because you’re waiting for God? What if I told you that the reason you keep getting into dead-end relationships with people, is not because God led them into your life for a "reason".

What if I told you none of these things reflect God so it can’t be God.

Ouch! I know it’s a hard pill to swallow when the veil is removed from your eyes and you realize it’s not God's fault, it’s your very own.

The reason we can’t put this on God is because it’s what we believe we deserve.

Our alternate views of ourselves cause us to accept below-standard situations.

For example, when I believed I was unhealthy, not athletic, I wouldn’t work out, but when I began to believe that I am athletic, believe that I am healthy, and believe my body was changing, my standards became higher, and I saw more actions that followed that belief.

Now, we know we cannot use God as a crutch. Let's face the truth, the truth that our low views of ourselves, our lack of confidence in God, our lack of belief in our capabilities hold us back.

So, Daughter of God, it’s time to Get Confident. You’ve hurt for far too long, you’ve hated yourself for far too long, it’s time to bloom into a confident woman of God. It’s time to look at yourself with joy. It's time to get back to being excited about living. It’s time to dream again.

It is Your Time to Bloom!

Your lack of confidence is holding you back and leaving you in a state of complacency and settling. When you know what you bring to the table, you stop allowing yourself to settle for anything less.

You don’t deserve to be depressed.

You don’t deserve to be hurt.

You don’t deserve to be abused.

You don’t deserve to be stuck.

You deserve to be loved.

You deserve to be adored.

You deserve to be appreciated.

You deserve to be confident.

It’s time we all step up and stop limiting ourselves and embrace being confident women with our heads held high and a light of joy that radiates beyond our bodies.

We deserve to see ourselves clearly!

Your lack of confidence is holding you back, not God.


"being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of

Christ Jesus.

Philippians 1:6

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1 Comment

Wow really needed to read this, I really need to build my confidence in God and let that be bigger than the lack of confidence in myself! Those words truly spoke to me! Thank you

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