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Sacker to CEO

The other day, sitting in the ministry's office and signing books, I began to cry. Just big uncontrollable tears streamed down my face, messing up my nicely done-up face with mascara and foundation. These tears came from an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude. At this moment, I knew how far I've come was only by God.

Honestly, I am not the most gifted speaker, nor am I a theologian that is so deep and confident in the Bible. Also, I am not the most business-smart nor tech-savvy woman. I am not a perfect woman, I fall short and have continuously. I am also not the most inspired or motivated person. Also, I am not the most healed person either. I can still see lingering thoughts, anger, aggression, and anxiety at different times of my life.

I share all of that for you to see I am not a favorite of Gods, I am just willing to try to honor God with my life. Even in my feeble ways, backsliding ways, or my desire to please people at times, God still uses me. He still calls me into obedience and to seek righteousness, even when I feel anything but righteous.

Sitting in my office signing over 80 pre-sold books, I just cried, because nothing I could do, would have made this reality. No prayer, no late night of work, no banking account, no connection, only by the grace and lovingkindness of God made many of my dreams a reality.

I share that with you today, that you don't have to be the perfect, fully healed version for God to accept you. He will take the broken, hurt, shattered girl and take her on a journey of healing and restoration. God will take the grocery store sacker and make her a CEO!

Check out the Ministries Office Tour Here:

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Thank you for inspiring startup entrepreneurs like myself to continue to stay strong & keep going. This journey has been full of ups & downs but it is worth it for the kingdom of God. Thank you & keep on shining!😀

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