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Mornings with Jesus

I remember when I worked a more traditional job; my mornings always felt rushed. Some days I could wake up early enough for a workout and devotional, or other days there would be a sermon playing in the background while quickly I got ready for work. No matter how my devotion time looked, God accepted it.

I say this because He was still giving revelation, hope, dreams, and visions. Just because I missed reading my Bible that day didn’t mean God stopped speaking to me or even loving me. I realized that my mornings with Jesus didn’t matter on the time, the organization, or how many scriptures I read, just that I continued to show up, even on the days I felt too busy.

To the new college student managing classes, study time, and social time: God just requires your heart.

To the new mother or the mother with toddlers: God just requires your heart.

To the young woman building a business and working endless hours:

God just requires your heart.

To the woman working long hours for your job: God just requires your heart.

If we can set our hearts on Jesus every morning, we will discover that He is all we need to have a more productive and joyful day. Here are a few ways I start my morning with Jesus.

First, I lay in bed a few moments after waking up, and thank God for the chance to see another day and to go after Him and all my dreams!

Second, I prayer journal about my thoughts and feelings. I release it to God.

Third, I read the Bible and or a devotional book, and reflect over how this applies to my life.

Fourth, I write out my prayer List: family, needs, goals, and I pray over them.

Fifth, I am willing to linger and rest in God’s presence to experience the prompting of God.

Mornings with Jesus are the key to making a transformation in your life.

God has done mighty things through me and many other great leaders all from their desire to spend time with God in the Morning.

Give your morning to Jesus, Daughter!

Weekly Scripture

"Arise & Shine, for the Light has come and the Glory of the Lord has risen upon you."

Isaiah 60:1

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