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Faith is Contagious

Sitting in a small Choctaw Native church during my Thanksgiving break, I heard the Lord whisper to me “Faith is Contagious”. The pastor was teaching on faith and how we please God only through our faith. Then God took me on a journey in my mind, visiting all of the seasons of my life, reminding me of the times I had to first witness God’s power in someone else’s life to realize he could do it in my life as well.

When I was about 19 or 20, only being saved for a year or so, I saw a woman preach. Pastor Valerie Everett was speaking at a Methodist church that I attended. I sat in awe of seeing a woman with so much boldness and power for God. I remember being shaken. I just never saw that. At most of the churches I randomly attended in my childhood, the pulpits were filled with men.

I realized that God was showing me how I never believed it until I first saw it. Seeing Pastor Valerie preach that day as a college freshman, I began to get a desire that I could do that one day. God showed me that even in the apartment I lived in, I didn’t think it was possible for me to do it alone, until I saw someone on YouTube© in 2017 doing it.

Even my office space for my ministry now. I didn’t believe it could be done until I saw a woman in Canada on YouTube with her own interior design office space. And even after seeing her do it, I still had my walls up to it. Until one day I walked into my life coach’s office, a young, single mother of 3 with her own office and business.

I’ve realized that all their faith was contagious. Their faith helped assist me to where I am today. I realized that many of you have new dreams and hopes because of what you see God doing in my life. I want you to realize, sis, that your faith is contagious. The more faith you have the more others will see that faith in you, and have more faith for their lives.

Others will see how you give God the glory, and how you know it all came from Him, and that makes your faith so contagious. So, sis, remember faith comes by hearing the word of God. So keep saying the words to yourself that God has told you.

After seeing Ms. Valerie Everett, I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I no longer wanted to speak for biology research, I wanted to speak for God. I wanted to illuminate a path for other women and young girls like she did for me. I wanted my faith to be so contagious, like hers was.

Ms. Valerie answering her call to God is what led me to even realizing there was a call for me. And, yes, sis, I answered it.

Don't forget your faith is contagious.

Weekly Scripture

“Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the Word of God.”

Romans 10:17

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