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Calling Your Name

Sitting in my office wondering how to write this blog. After starting over, I realized why I couldn't. Because I was writing from the perspective of where I am today. Saved, Free, and Faithful, but that's not where I have always been.

I have found myself in back seats of cars making out, I have found myself drunk laying on a bathroom floor. I've found myself afraid of the outcome of pregnancy tests. I've found myself in many places, but never in peace.

Then God Called My Name.

He showed me that the men in my room was not going to fulfill the broken pieces in my heart. He revealed that the deep depression was still gonna come back after the alcohol and weed wore off. He showed me that the real me was waiting to come out and live, but all my hurts were stopping her. He showed me that the way I was living was no longer enough. I had come to my fork in the road and it was time to choose the route.

I was unsure about how to move forward, but He continued to call my name even when I was standing still in my sin. He continued to call my name.

Even when I was looking every other way, but towards Him. He still called my name.

Even when I ran into the arms of others and away from Him. He still called my name.

Today, you may be wondering if God would still call your name, after all the mistakes and regrets. Just know no matter if your the drunk girl on the floor, the high girl, or the girl laying in another man's bed, Our Father is still Calling Your Name...


He Calls Us Deeper into His Love and once we Answer He SPEAKS to Our Hearts!

Answer the Call of God Today!

Isaiah 43:1

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine."

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