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Bloom with Prayer Journaling

Sitting at the window while the sun shines in and warms up my body. Grabbing that marker and, as it hits the page, my mind goes from racing to flowing.

Flowing like the pen on the paper, every part reveals more of my heart’s cry. Every missed punctuation mark shows that I’m not trying to be perfect but just be ME.

This is my usual daily prayer journaling. As the maker runs on the pages I see the glimmer of my life shine. That better version of me waiting in the future for me to grab ahold of her. The more I journal, the more I see her come to life. The more I pour out, the more she rises up. The more I face my demons, the more she sees God.

I journal for my peace and the truth.

I journal so that a better version can be seen.

I journal to reawaken passion.

I journal for the hope I need each day.

I journal for the opportunities in this season.

I journal for the open doors.

I journal for the Love that awaits me.

I journal so God can be seen in me.

I journal so that I can fall back in love with the woman He originally created.

I journal so that I can Bloom!

Prayer journaling has allowed the young 19-year-old girl to have a place to turn to, the brokenhearted 21-year old can have a place of truth, and the 24-year-old lost in life can find a place to call home.

Through every season of life, my journals have captured it all, and I realize through all of them, I was always journaling about being the woman that I am today. My journal reveals the Goodness of God, and that the woman that I journal about now, I am becoming her each and every day.

May you embrace prayer journaling for your better version. Bloom with Prayer Journaling.


"See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland."

Isaiah 43:19

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