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Have you wondered how to keep your ministry afloat? Have you sought donations month after month and found yourself stressed? No problem, I have a tool that will help you build reoccurring revenue to make a lasting impact.


If you are ready for reoccurring revenue in your ministry without seeking donations month after month, this course will blow your mind!

Module 1 
Getting Started


In this module I’ll cover how to get started, we’ll build out your membership game plan and I’ll share with you some key things to do before you get going with your membership site. 

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Module 2
Planning your Membership


In this module we’ll talk about creating your content, structuring your content, working with experts, uploading content and your welcome experience. I’ll share my set up - from the platform I use and others I recommend, to getting your payment gateway, branding your site, deciding on a price and creating your sales and checkout page. 

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Module 3 
Launching Your Membership


In this module we’ll cover growing your audience, starting a wait list, launching, evergreen funnels and how to launch when you have existing members.

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This module is all about retention - we’ll cover engaging members, and how to deal with cancellations and failed payments. And designing a membership to grow with.

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For the Perfect Price!


one-time payment

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