You only need an Idea, Wifi, & Faith!


Light's Camera Action!

The woman who has a gift!

The woman with a message to share!

The woman with an idea that won't go away!

The woman with a purpose to help others!

The woman with a heart to serve!

The woman who is ready for more!

Who this course is for!

4 years ago I started my youtube channel not realizing it was going to be an outlet for me to shine. It became a passionate journey of self-discovery and today I realized the main ingredient was FAITH! Faith without the work and the right tools will no get us very far, so I am sharing with you my tools to Create, Launch & Grow Your Youtube Channel

How I Got Started!

Inside the Course

Create, Launch, & Grow Your Youtube Channel


the Foundation


I work with you on getting Clear with Your Purpose & Finding Your Audience

  • Knowing Your Purpose

  • Naming Your Channel

  • Youtube 101

  • Your Top 5 Videos

  • Planning Your First Video

  • Creating Channel Art

  • Creating Endslate

  • Creating Thumbnail

the  bonus


I guide you on how to create your brand, channel art, & thumbnails.

  • Perfect Setup

  • Getting Confident on Camera

  • Things to Remember

  • Producing Content

Get All for Only $100

the Creation

I help you Grow Your Youtube Channel with Interactive videos an E-Book, a Planner + Checklist.

the Launch

Light's Camera Action! You record your first video and I coach you on how to get subscribers.


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Course Description

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