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You Made It!

Tears run down my cheeks because many of us made it. Not, perfectly, not correctly, but by scratching and crawling our way to freedom. This was no easy journey. Many of you have been

pressed to the max, fought mentally, overcame physically and are still fighting the good fight.

May we all understand this entire fast was God Preparing our Soil. We can't walk through open doors until we are willing to encounter Jesus, once we do, our soil gets tilled.

Once that happens He plants seeds that will allow harvest to come forth.

A harvest of open doors, good fruitful blessings, and new opportunities to transform our situations.

It was our soil that we needed work on, not more finances, or a bigger dream. God says "If I get the soil right every seed I plant of Good will spring forth fruit".

Have you noticed that this fast you messed up, failed, tried again, prayed more than you ever have, read the Word more than you ever have, thought of God more than you ever have?

See, we fasted for what we wanted, but God allowed us to get what we needed. Some wanted to see their businesses grow, while God wanted your prayer life to grow. Some wanted their finances to grow while God wanted your faith to grow. Some wanted to feel secure in their relationship, while God wanted you to love without barriers.

This fast was not for the weak or the ones quick to yell retreat, it was for the ones that were fed up with the same soil and fruit in their lives. It was for the ones that had walls built up and couldn't figure out how to knock them down. It was for the ones that needed a reminder that life is just a vapor and to do right by it. It was for the ones that needed healing inside.

This fast was for You! God pulled on your heart daily to give Him more.

He brought you to tears and mostly... He brought you to the end of yourself.

Less of us, and more of Him.

Now, Daughter, You Can Walk Through The Open Doors!

Matthew 13:23

" But the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it. This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown."

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