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The Power of Influence

Growing up as a little girl in a small Oklahoma town, I never thought I would be helping women all over the world and having the influence I have today. However, I see today how one person can be so influential that it causes a shift in your life.

As a young girl, my Grandfather would make me pray at social gatherings, family functions, or just when it was time to eat. I never could say no, because it was expected of me. Back then I didn’t realize it, but he was influencing me to lead in a Godly manner.

Although the prayer was great, it was his actions that influenced me the most. It wasn’t his Sunday suits or the Bible he carried with him most of the time. It was his deeds.

How he always brought a treat, or how he always showed up to the sports games. Or how he never failed at Christmas time with the Wal-mart gift cards. His actions spoke so loud, and that was his power.

He influenced my entire family, and his ministry turned into my ministry. His deeds and heart made me everything I am. His desire to help others in times of need is now my desire. His heart to help the youth is now my desire to help.

Although he has gone to be with the Lord many years ago, he continues to influence me everyday.

His voice, I still hear.

His hands, I still see.

His green truck, I still remember. And his love for Jesus, I still feel.

He dreamed dreams. He served. He tried. He failed. He lived and he loved so much. His life influenced me to be who I am today, and now I wonder who am I influencing? Who am I serving and helping to be better tomorrow?

We all have the Power of Influence and we can decide to share Jesus with our actions, by loving, sharing, and helping others. That is how we influence this world and live a life that matters. So, one day someone can tell you how your light helped their light to shine brighter.

I love You, Grandpa! (Happy Heavenly Birthday)

Weekly Scripture

"In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams"

Acts 2:17

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