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The Crippling Feeling

That feeling that shows up in everyday life… where you can’t get off the couch or out of bed. The feeling where you can’t stop scrolling and time is going by. That feeling of nothingness, but if we really dig deep it's root is fear. Maybe fear of others, the unknown, uncertainties of life and choices. This crippling feeling is something that I too experience and see it peak its head from time to time, but there's a way to overcome and allow yourself to be released from this inner void. Let’s get through this together.

Do this Exercisize to Break Free From Fear

Take Some Time and Prayer Journal these 3 things!

Releasing the things that make us unhappy or keep us stuck in life is getting back Christ-centered. Our minds must shift from feelings to the knowledge of who Jesus is. Most of all We have to remember that God loves us. No not the normal kind of love that hurts us or takes their love away, but the Ultimate Love that says I will stick with you no matter what. I am with you at this moment and always will be. The Fear you sit in God is just waiting for you to stand-up and say no More! No more stuck! No more crippling feelings. It's Time to Break Free from the Fear and Walk in The Love of God.

Where Love is Fear Can't reside. Break Free From Fear!

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