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Prom Dress Drive

The Prom Dress Drive was created for a group of girls living in a youth shelter in southeast Oklahoma. My sister and I put the idea together to give back to the community, by giving away 6 of our prom dresses. However, our dresses was not enough and did not range in all the sizes needed for the young ladies.

A little overwhelmed I created a flyer and my sister got busy on using our resources like social media and close family and friends. In 10 days we received over 30 donations for the youth shelter. Through the generous donors we was able to provide the youth shelter with enough dresses for the youth shelter employees to put on a fashion show for the youth. Which allowed the girls to rip the runway in the dresses they loved while the judges to shower them with compliments and praise. The purpose of the Prom Dress Drive was to give to underprivileged girls within the MCcurtain County community. The goal was 20 dresses and we surpassed it. We Thank the Believe in Me Youth Shelter and all the ladies that donated dresses. This was possible because of you!

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