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Prayer Journal Prompt

I recently was gifted a new prayer journal and I absolutely love breaking open a new one, because each journal reflects a different chapter in my life.

I've been in the valley, I've been stuck in sin, I've been bitter, I've been rejected, I've been unworthy and I've been lost!

While, my prayer journal has captured all of it and most of all God has heard the cry of my heart. He has seen the hurt and the tears that fell on the pages of my journal. He has held me in the darkest hour and restored me from my brokenness.

I would love to give you a prompt to go by, but we each have one in our heart. Each day will bring you a new prompt to write to the Lord about. It may be about your health, desires, hurts, and fears, but each day the Lord will give you a new script to write to Him about and each time you are obedient you get set free.

Set free from the chains on your mind and heart. When writing you go through a healing process and God replenishes your soul. I know this to be true because He did it for me. Prayer journaling is deciding to write to God about the content of your heart and allow Him to do his work on the inside of you.

So, today make time to sit down and write about this season and chapter of your life with the prompting of the Holy Spirit! On Mondays We Prayer Journal!

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