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Powerful Mornings

Waking up with the sunrise is one of my biggest motivations to rise early. I love the idea that if I get up with the sun, I will see a new beautiful sunrise each morning. That first thought makes me want to rise even when my body doesn’t. I’ve realized that over the last seven years a morning routine in my life has really helped me to have Powerful Mornings.

From my college dorm room, waking up early for prayer journaling and breakfast to living back at home and rising early to go into the garden for prayer, or making some coffee...all these routines were structured to my season of life. Even without noticing it or putting much effort into it, I was creating morning routines for the better version of myself.

If I wanted more faith, then I’d sit in prayer believing God's word. If I wanted more “me time” in the morning, I'd rise earlier to get lost in all I wanted to do for me. These morning routines have evolved, but these goals are all the same...they lead me into a more powerful day.

The tempo of morning is me conditioning myself to make the most out of this day, because in reality, yesterday is gone, and tomorrow hasn’t come yet, so we only have this moment. This day, this hour, this second to live our fullest. So, my morning routine is me starting off the morning with a heart position of “Let's Go For It All”. Meaning, leave no stone unturned. To leave it all on the table in this day. To create, to live, to make the call, to send the email, to apply to the school, to get the job, and truly go for everything that is before you on this day.

I don’t just wake up like this. No, not all. I condition myself every morning for this. I sit in prayer journaling, Bible reading, and prayer to position my heart and mind to be filled with peace, joy, love, and all that God has for me. Next, I do one fun thing for me. This is usually a morning workout, but some days, it’s a cup of coffee. Whatever that one thing is for me, I thoroughly enjoy it and bask in the moment. At this time, I listen to uplifting music, or an inspirational word on YouTube©. This helps me condition myself even more for a spirit-filled day.

I later add getting ready, and maybe some toast, but the reality is that the power in my morning routine is the power of shifting my mind from “Ugh, I have to get up” to “Yay, I thank you Lord for another day to see the sunrise”. That little shift, added with prayer and conditioning my mind for more faith, has made my mornings powerful.

Weekly Scripture

“The faithful love of the LORD never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.”

Lam 3:22

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