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Paying The Price

For the past few weeks, creating content, writing blogs, reaching out to people, sending emails, and setting up team calls have all been a burden for me. Because of this feeling, I looked at it as I just needed a break. That is until I came across this quote:

“The price of greatness is responsibility,” - Winston Churchill.

The truth was I desired to be great in everything I do, but I did not want the responsibility that it takes to be great! The responsibility to rise early and study, to respond and pray for individuals, the responsibility to empower the ministry team, and still get to work on time and empower me.

This was an eye-opener for me. I was wanting to run from the exact thing that made me great, and that was the responsibility that God has required of me.

I realized God will expand on our field only when we can manage it. He will not give us a financial blessing until we can manage it. He will not give us the $10,000 until we can manage the $5,000. I realized that I wanted the land to be expanded, but wasn’t stepping up to manage what He had already given me.

Each day we work towards our Higher Calling in Jesus we have to take on responsibilities. Those responsibilities may include carrying our cross and not gossiping at work, or carrying our cross and waking up super early for quiet time with God. It may be not retaliating when someone says something hurtful. Whatever it may be, you decide what you are responsible for that day. Each day you embrace your responsibilities and refuse to run from them, you are tapping into your greatness!

Even the stay-at-home mom who decides not to put off the laundry for another day decides to take responsibility for her home. She taps into her greatness!

When we are responsible for the little things, we will be responsible for the big things in our lives. (Luke 16:10) We will be responsible for our dreams, goals, desires, and hopes.

Every time we embrace the responsibility, we tap into God’s Righteousness and fulfill His Purpose for our lives. It’s when we run from God’s responsibilities that we experience barriers.

Greatness and Responsibility go together! Today, examine yourself like I did and see if you are responsible with what God has already given you. Can you be responsible with the level of Greatness God desires you to have?

Pay the Price and Experience the Greatness Living in You!

Scripture Matthew 25:21

Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.

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