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Overcoming Nay Sayers!

"Women can’t preach" was something that stayed within me! I knew God had called me, but somewhere inside I wouldn’t step into it. I felt as if I could only talk to people in small group settings. When it came to speaking to a congregation I felt like it couldn’t be God, because all I ever knew was God called men to speak. I would only be called to minister to others through different areas like intimate bible studies.

Even as I began my ministry those beliefs still lingered in the background. I was timid, scared, and fearful that it wasn’t the Will of God. Until one day I had to look deep and see that God called me. He purposely chose me for this gift and calling. I shouldn’t only use it when I am married or when a pastor of a church allows me to, but I should use it every time God pulls me to.

God began pulling me to do more and more ministry centered speaking. I eventually grew confident in the call of God, but when I would get around certain preachers that didn’t believe I should be speaking, it would make me shrivel up and want to hide my gift.

I hid my gift for months only finding youtube as a way to express it. I never knew why I had this word inside, but it was apparent every time I would sit down with my camera to record. A word that was unplanned would bubble up and before I knew it I would be ministering.

I am sharing my story to help women who are wanting to go into ministry and feel less than.

This is for the lady with a vision, but she won’t move on it due to fear.

This if for the woman who knows God has called her, but she sees no one else around her doing it. so she quivers and hides.

This is for the woman who knows deep down in her heart God has called her to be set apart, but she battles with taking the first step.

This is for the lady that has an amazing vision, but no one else believes in it.

This is for the girl who knows her worth and won’t settle for less.

You run after your dreams even when no one else believes in it. You never stop trying to get better in your walk and personal development.

You will fail.

You will cry.

You will laugh.

You will hurt, but you will always have God with you.

Never allow others limited vision stop yours.

God has gifted you with a vision it is up to you to bring it to life.

I challenge you all to get away from the nay sayers and no longer allow their words to hold you captive. Move forward in God being fearless. Each time you get into new territory double check your armour of God and move forward in faith! Much Love Ladies!!

-The Awakened Daughter

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