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No Other Door!

Starting the New Year with a new mindset can really be a game changer. If we have the same mindset from last year we will continue to see the same results. However, this year is a year of open doors. What if you looked at each day, each obstacle, each worry, and each failure as an open door. That maybe the mess up would allow you to see the open doors in your life.

College Struggles

After failing a class in college, I was devastated. Graduation was delayed and much more hurdles were all around me. At the time I was broken, lost and confused, but now I see that the hurdle was only to show me how to get back up and jump higher after a fall.

Maybe in 2018, you failed, maybe you were broken, lost or in despair. Maybe you felt stuck in life with no real direction. Well, don’t worry that is in the past! Today, you have a renewed mindset that sees everything as an open door that you can now walk through to your next season.

Open Doors

Walking through your open door starts with desiring more of Christ. He is the Door and He is calling you to come closer.

Embrace the Open Doors right in front of you and stop harboring on the closed doors of your past!

God is doing a new thing in you, but first... you have to come to the Open Door instead of trying to fight with closed doors!

2019 is The Year of Open Doors!

John 10:2

“But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep.”

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Jan 15, 2019

im so happy to be part of HDC you have such a great impact on my life with God I'm from Namibia in Africa.Definitely year of open doors


Matlhogonolo Damme
Matlhogonolo Damme
Jan 11, 2019

Year of Open Doors, oh I believe that!


Amen, God Bless You.

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