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Let God Lead

Sitting in my one-bedroom apartment staring at the blank walls in front of me, I am thankful that I am here. That somehow with all life's setbacks and pain, I still made it.

From the insecure little girl, to the angry teenager, to the broken-hearted young woman, somehow I made it. I haven't arrived to all that I desire to grasp & experience in this life, but I did make it this far and I see one pivotal key that got me here.

It could've been my upbringing, it could've been those life-changing years of college, but no, it was one thing and one thing only that was the driving force... faith.

Faith is when you believe in the unseen until it can be seen. We see in scripture where Jesus continued to talk about this unseen kingdom of God, he would say many times "The Kingdom of God is at hand". This unseen place He was speaking of because, He knew what we would one-day experience.

One late-night in 2014 while living in sin and actively running from God, I had a dream that changed the trajectory of my life. This dream of me running for my life through a darkness, then busting through some doors and finding myself on stage with hundreds of people staring at me.

This one-dream I knew was from God! I knew He was calling me to something bigger than the sin I was living in and somehow I believed, I would see that happen one day.

Five years later and that vision still has not come to pass, but I have faith. Faith that it will and that somehow, the unseen will finally be seen.

My hope is that you see that if you do not have faith you will not progress spiritually, but if you have love & faith you progress in your life and go into new adventures that God specifically has called you too.

I hope you realized a major factor to increasing your faith, and it is vision, having a vision is essential to applying faith in your life. Jesus had a vision, prophets had a vision, disciples had a vision and we must have a vision. A vision for the next season or chapter of our lives. A vision is seeking and knowing what God desires us to accomplish, achieve, and believe for in this life.

A vision will be the reason you get out of bed.

A vision will be the reason you beat depression.

A vision will be the reason anxiety can't stop you.

A vision will be the reason you randomly get excited.

A vision will be the reason you face your battles head-on.

A vision will be the reason you want more for your life.

Lastly, a vision, is the way we active our faith! We do it by trusting God to make it seen in our lives. God will not force us to have faith, but love us tenderly until we finally let Go and let Him Lead.

Let God Lead your vision!

Weekly Scripture

"So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ."

Romans 10:17

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1 Comment

I needed to see this because I am currently going through a tough time and this gives me hope and a reminder that God is good!

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