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Just Try in 2022

Today I want to share with you how I am starting my 2022! I personally know a thing or two about doing something in faith and, well, that's all that this year will be because God gave me my word for 2022. That word wasn't purpose, or greatness, or was wellness!

Honestly, at first I was like, "What God?" Like, I'm well…. enough!

However, with study and revelation, wellness comes after restoration. The result of a real restoration is wellness. That means you form new habits and a new way of living.

The depressed and oppressed become free and start flowing through life.

The anxious slows down and embraces the wind blowing, making the pine trees in the distance wave back and forth.

The broken-hearted begin to feel lighter and start loving again.

God showed me that after restoration takes place, then comes wellness. And many times we resist wellness. Not intentionally, but our old daily rituals and habits get in the way. So, I am just saying this to anyone else out there, that I am scared, too. That my one word for the year is challenging me, pushing me, and expanding me. I, too, fear that I can’t keep it up. I, too, wonder if God will be with me and sustain me, because I’ve failed many times before.

I, too, get nervous day after day wondering if I can do this. In all that doubt and fear I smile, because why wouldn’t I feel the fear, but do it anyway?

Why wouldn’t I doubt if I can do it, but keep surprising myself day after day?

Why wouldn’t I try? I say this because on one side, I can fail and get back up, or I can just stay down and never try or apply myself.

I don’t know about y’all, but my Mama didn’t raise no weak woman, and my God didn’t save me, redeem me, give me a new life, and a new name for me to go through this life not trying.

I realize that it’s not about if I can make it or not. It’s about am I still willing to try?

God doesn’t want someone puffed up with themselves. He wants the people that have been pushed down, bullied, hurt, last-to-be-picked to still decide to try. It’s those who still have the heart to try who truly make a lasting difference.

So, today with doubt, fear, and unanswered prayers, I still say I will see this one word birthed in my life this year. Even sitting here with no real idea how it will fully come to pass, I believe it and I decide that I will try.

Even if I fail, even if I get distracted or discouraged, even if I don't reap the results I want, even if I feel worse at first, I will try, and truly that's all God wants from us.

So, just try, daughter!

Weekly Scripture

"I will be faithful to you and make you mine, and you will finally know me as the LORD."

Hosea 2:20

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