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Just Jesus

No matter how long we've been on this walk with God, we never graduate. We continue pressing forward in His Grace. However, at times we forget the cornerstone, we forget why we even do it, why we have been saved, transformed, healed, restored, and given a second chance.

Without Jesus, I would have no ministry, without Jesus, I'd still be that broken woman running from men to men looking for fulfillment. Without Jesus, I'd still be getting drunk every weekend.

Without Jesus, I wouldn't be who I am today.

Now, don't assume, once we get to Jesus, it's all rainbows and blessings, actually, it's not.

It's a lot of sacrificing, and even more struggles. Now you are fighting with the old you, now you are tempted by your past. Now you are letting go of the old ways of thinking and your old standards.

This is no cakewalk, but it is beautiful along the journey, the more you see God guiding you, healing you, transforming you the more you seek Him. When you are having a depressed day instead of laying in bed defeated, you run into His arms, asking for help. Instead of getting in the ring of the fight, you get out and give your battle to God.

Instead of facing the mountains in your life you fight to release them into Gods hands.

I want you to see that Jesus is our Cornerstone. He is the center that keeps everything together. He is what keeps us from falling and crumbling.

He is the strength we need.

He is the song we sing.

He is the joy we have.

He is the provision that has been made.

He is the provider for our life.

He is the reason for everything we do.

Jesus Christ is the answer.

You stuck, seek Jesus.

You hurt, seek Jesus.

You confused, seek Jesus

You Lost, seek Jesus

You lacking, seek Jesus.

Realize, that everything we need is found in Him. He is the Great I AM.

You Need healing, I AM.

You Need Peace, I AM.

You Need Help, I AM.

You Need Joy, I AM.


Today and Everyday realize He is all You Need!

Weekly Scripture

“But what about you?” Jesus asked. “Who do you say I am?”

Matthew 16:15

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Thank you dear I needed to hear this 🥰🥰🇿🇦

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