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How To Be Happy Now!

“I’m happy” were the two little words I whispered to God while waking up to the morning sun shining through my apartment windows. I saw the brightness of the day and just felt so happy. It’s ironic because this has been one of the hardest seasons of my life in a long time.

Being a full-time seminary student has affected a lot, Production had to slow down, which means finances decreased. Paying for college on my own has led me to use much of the money I’d originally saved. As well as, I stay up late most nights reading or writing papers for my classes, and somehow in the midst of all that testing and all the challenges, I am happy. Because I realize our joy isn’t based on our circumstances, but it’s based on our attitude.

In college, I had no money, but each week I hosted a Bible study on campus. I was happy.

Working at my previous job, I was spending most of my time working or tired, but the moment I got to work on the ministry, I was happy.

Even when I worked as an evening teacher assistant/janitor, I was happy.

Each of these moments when I was happy was not based on where I was currently at, but on where I was headed. The scripture tells us God will give us “a hope for the future”, and that's exactly what I’ve had through every season and every trial.

So, the words “I’m happy” didn’t come from my perfect life or just the right day. Actually, I still have piles of clothes to fold, dishes to wash, a grandmother to call, a list of ministry tasks to complete, and classwork to do, but in all of that, I’m happy. Not because my life is perfect, but because my joy comes from God, and I have an attitude of hope. I can see the challenges and tests of this season, but I know seasons don’t last forever.

Today, I pray that you can look at your life and all its imperfections and still find happiness.

Weekly Scripture

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Jeremiah 29:11

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