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He Calls You Daughter (Prayer Journal Prompt)

Have you embraced that you are a Daughter of God? Well, by now it could be considered a cliche, but rather if you've heard it a thousand times or if this is your first time He Calls You Daughter!

Not, just girl up the road, crazy girl, sinful girl, lustful girl, lost girl, or broken girl He calls you Daughter. No matter the backsliding ways or the makeup you wear He still calls you Daughter. In all of our lives, we should embrace the idea of being called Daughter.


When you are a Daughter you are in direct contact with your Father. The Father shares with you his wisdom and knowledge. He takes you in and advises you even when you upset Him. No matter how much you fall short or go against His teachings He welcomes you back with open arms.

Being a Daughter of God you are welcomed to sit on His lap and chat or grab ahold to His leg as his presence enters your space. All that is the Fathers, is now yours. The peace, hope, joy, restoration, wisdom, and prosperity is all yours. Don't live this life without receiving your inheritance as a Daughter of God.

Your Father can't live your life for you, but He can advise you and guide you to the right choices, but you must choose.

Calling You

If you ever find yourself lifeless and empty trust that God will carry you to a better place. He wants to commune with you so He will continue calling out for you.

He calls out Daughter in the midst of the crowds. He calls out Daughter in the midst of your fears. He calls out Daughter in the midst of your hurt. He continues calling you Daughter.

Your Father won't force you to obey his instructions, but He will stand and wait for you to run back into His arms like his little girl. This ULTIMATE Father is waiting to heal you, restore you and bless you.

Today, embrace being called Daughter!

This Weeks Journal Prompt is geared to helping you embrace the Daughter of God you really are

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