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Go For It!

Never Stop Going For It

In reminiscing, I think back to 2016, being a young woman walking across campus with a dream in my heart, but no money. Back to the days I'd stay up late, not to study, but to work on building a website complete with graphics. Back to the days when I was so consumed with the thought of a ministry, but had no financial means to make it happen. 

As I reflect on those days I am tearing up because I went from the broken girl with no money to a woman of God with a flourishing ministry. I’ve learned that it wasn’t about waiting for finances or breakthroughs, or seeking others to pray for me and give me clarity, but having the heart and courage to just go for it!

When I got the green light from God in February of 2017, even with no money, I started building and learning. By April I had received a scholarship and used that money to launch my blog. 

See, it was all a setup from the beginning. As long as I went for it, when the money came, I was ready to launch.

Please, Daughter of God, go for it no matter what, because your obedience now is the key to your open door tomorrow!

Don’t wait for your breakthrough to come. 

Don’t wait to get better when the increase comes. 

Don’t wait to start saving when you make more money. 

Don’t wait to pursue your vision when the timing is right. 

Don’t wait to take God seriously next week, or next month.

Don’t wait to repent until you get home or alone.

Do it now. Everything God is calling you to, Go For It Now!

I’ve learned that God wants daughters that go for it. He doesn’t want daughters who sit in fear, but know they can be bold like Esther, strong in faith and courage. They can start taking little steps towards His vision and trust Him to do the rest!

Go for it now, no matter what season of life you are in! If God showed it to you, He will bring it to pass. You must choose daily to take little steps towards your vision! 

Daughter of God, GO FOR IT!

“Be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching.”

2 Tim. 4:2

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