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Girl, Yes You Can

Today I want to come and be to you, what I wish I had had years ago. I am going to be that friend, that sister in Christ who tells you, “Yes You Can!”

Often we tell ourselves that we can’t!

I can’t get that degree.

I can’t achieve my dream.

I can’t love anymore.

I can’t change.

The truth is all of these thoughts happened to me, and it was very loud in the beginning of my journey with God. I felt so defeated all the time and just believed I couldn't when the truth is I could as long as I had faith.

First, I want to tell you to take action on the ideas you have and the desires you possess. Many of those ideas and desires aren’t put there by accident, and you actually have interest in them. This is your chance to just decide to take action.

You want to become a blogger? Start writing blogs now.

You want to be a YouTuber? Why not start working on your intro?

You want to get a degree? Why not start researching what you must do to get on that journey?

Second, get on your holy hustle. Truthfully when we think of hustle, we think of someone that could make something out of nothing. My mama did this. With not a lot of groceries, somehow we had a meal. This was a mindset, that we were going to eat and be full. Now, it’s your turn to start eating, to start making something out of nothing.

You have faith, use it.

You have a gift of singing, use it.

You have a gift of cooking, use it.

You have a gift of service, use it.

Third, get past your low standards in life. We can do what we’ve been called to do, but we must raise our standards for our lives. We must have a standard of living, and that should align with your vision for your life. Raise your standards by expecting more for yourself and requiring more from your life.

Fourth, be your own #1 cheerleader. This is when you clap for yourself, this is when you encourage yourself, and push past the naysayers or lack of support. Being your own #1 cheerleader means you will applaud yourself, you will encourage yourself, you will keep going even when you want to quit, and you will not give up.

Fifth, life obstacles can cause us to stop dreaming, believing, and have us thinking that we can’t, but actually we can. And it is acknowledging that life isn’t always going to go the way we want it to, and we must decide to be okay with that, and trust the journey God has for us and not just the journey we see for ourselves.

When doubt creeps into your mind, when depression is knocking on your door, when anxiety spurs up and you feel uncertain about life, when loneliness gets the best of you, and when you believe there is nothing more to look forward to and that you can’t change your life, just know,

girl, yes you can!

Weekly Scripture

" Taking her by the hand, Jesus said, “Talitha koum!” which means, “Little girl, I say to you, get up!”

Mark 5:41

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