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Get Your Faith Up!

Sitting at my computer one night, overwhelmed by many of your messages. As I opened message after message, I felt uncertain if I could answer. If I could give your heart hope and truth. I realized after many questions like “I feel stuck” “How do I walk better with God”, “I feel so unworthy” or “when will I know the right sign to leave”. 

These messages flooded my inbox and I sat there unsure, uncertain, and even perplexed. Then I realized that every question was very different, but all had a central theme.

Everyone, including myself, lacked faith in God.

The lack of faith in God was showing up in different areas of our lives, but I saw one key factor that could solve our problems and change our perception of the current season of life.

We have to get our faith up, see, when these things happen or occur, we hold fast to what is true. That our God has never been defeated, He may have been cast down, crushed, and beaten, but never destroyed. And it’s in our very weakness (human abilities) that God shows up.

When we get to a place in our lives or we seek something we know can only come from God we stop depending on natural means and focus on the spiritual.

For example, in seasons I felt most lost, I didn’t run to prayer, I would run to YouTube sermons, busyness, and seeking advice and insight from others, but never seeking God.

As I wrote back to the women, my heart just cried, Get Your Faith Up.

Believe God at His Word, trust that He is a Great Daddy that will lead you right.

He is not a Daddy that will walk out, but  Daddy that stays.

He’s the Daddy that will fight for you as you rest in His Peace.

He is the Daddy that has gone before you to clear the way.

He is the Daddy that will sing word of life over you.

He is the Daddy that will call you back to Himself over and over again.

So, no, I have no special remedy to solve all your problems, but this I do know.

Where God is, confusion can not be.

Where God is, sin is overly convicted.

Where God is, fear has to leave.

Where God is, truth is present.

Where God is, life has a fresh meaning.

So, please know the key to overcoming mountains, unanswered prayers is getting more faith in God and to go out and live in His Grace.

It’s when we get to the end of ourselves that we open the door for a massive move of God. In our Weakness His Strength is revealed.

Take the Box off of God and He will take the Box off of you.

Weekly Scripture

My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is perfected in weakness.”

2 cor. 12:9

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Barbara Cox
Barbara Cox

Get your faith up! What an awesome blog. I recently had a minor surgery, where the enemy was trying to creep up on my thoughts and create anxiety and fear. But through prayer and getting my faith up. I was able to stand on His promises and face my fear with faith. What a on time blog.

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