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Finding Freedom Again

Sitting in small town Oklahoma, driving on backroads, soaking in the sunshine, while my little nephews smile at me. Speaking with that southern accent and just enjoying family.

There is always something about going home, in the physical sense, that affects me spiritually. Coming home for me is a time of rest, a time of seizing the deadlines, turning the camera off, removing excess distractions, and deciding to grab my Bible and a few good books and get back to filling me up.

Running a ministry alone most days can get overwhelming, and frankly running an online ministry can feel very lonesome sometimes. So, these times at home allow me to get back in touch with family and friends. To chase after my nephews, to dance with my Grandma, to watch shows all night with my Mama, to go in the garden and pray, or just to go on a long drive and enjoy this life.

Really it is like finding freedom again. The freedom to stop rushing, to stop pushing, to stop desiring, and to take the makeup off, let the frizzy curls show up, and to just be still again. Just be at rest again. To lose all anxious thoughts for the future or what's next and just find freedom again in this moment.

I share this with you because I would love to say I do this enough, but I don’t. I would love to say I only come to relax, but in reality, I come to hear God again, to find peace again, and most of all to see God in me and in my life once again.

We can find freedom again and see that it’s only been waiting on us. I challenge you this week to embrace the moments, to find joy right were you are and decided to smile and laugh more. Then you'll find freedom again in You!

Weekly Scripture

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

Prov 31:25

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