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Find Your Bliss

When was the last time you squealed out loud due to excitement or a breakthrough? When was the last time you shed to tears of joy due to the gratitude that overflowed in your heart? When was the last time God left you speechless?

If you are like me and many other women then you may have to think back for a while. You may have to go way back into your memories to try to figure it out, but I want to tell you…

Many time we don’t experience joy because we aren’t willing to step out on fear. It may sound crazy, but my most revelational moments were when I stepped out on fear and did the thing God had been prompting me to do for so long.

After fear comes the bliss, but many of us aren’t willing to get past the fear of our minds, fear of the unknown, fear of “is this really you God?”

Bliss(n): Perfect Happiness; Great Joy

When was the last time you rested in perfect happiness? When was the last time you were overwhelmed in Great Joy?

Well, don’t fret, it is time for you to began speaking against that fear and anxiety! Stop allowing the feelings inside to direct your outside. If you’re inwardly depressed, struggling or lost, then remember that isn’t reality, it’s just the picture your mind is making up, you have the authority to make it better!

Don’t just lay in it, get up and get on with your day, because this is the day, that you will find your Bliss! The day that God will break you through to the other side with answered prayers. God hasn’t left you and He never will!

Find Your Bliss Today!

John 10:9

"I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find good pasture."

Love & Blessings,

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6 comentários

Thank you both Miahhi and Lashonda. That really means so much to me and yes I am def taking that advice to stay in God's Word.


Hi Sharee, every door that is closed had to get permission from God to close. God will open doors for you that no man can shut. Stay focused on His word. Praying for you.


Hi Lashonda keeping you lifted in prayer.


Lashonda, I just read your post and just know that I'm praying for you during this Open Door's Fast and beyond it. I know how demanding it can be caring for someone on both an emotional/physical level and I don't know you personally but I still care about you and your situation. Right now, I've been dealing with unemployment and overcoming the stinkin rejection spirit after dealing with so many closed doors in 2018. So let's continue to keep each other lifted in much prayers.


Lashonda Gotitmade Brooks
Lashonda Gotitmade Brooks
13 de jan. de 2019

December 7th my dad had a stroke on his brain it left him with short term memory loss and partial paralysis and since he’s been out of the nursing home I’ve been taking care of him but in this past Thursday we were hit by another vehicle it could’ve been worser but God!!!!!!!! Thank you Mz Morgan for your blogs.

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