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Fearlessly You

If you are reading this means I finally pushed past all my fears and procrastination and actually put in work. Which means after watching numerous youtube videos and reading countless books I finally turned that knowledge into wisdom. (Wisdom: the application of knowledge)

To be honest I didn't know when I would see this day come… not because lack of resources but lack of confidence. What I am saying is my confidence in myself and God was so low that it was easier to stay in my own lane then to reach higher. Staying in our own lane can truly limit us. It has the ability to handicap us and put us in place of procrastination and fear.

I officially made up my mind to put the planner down. To stop planning and start doing! After all the plans I had made I was still standing stagnant and I knew I could be doing more. No matter how broke I was financially I could still be doing more. I knew it was time to put the planning notebook down and time to get to work after procrastinating on a website for almost a year and making up every excuse in the book… “i'll wait until i'm more established”. “I'll wait until my numbers get higher”. “Or just until I have more money”.

However, all those sound like pretty reasonable explanations, but the truth was I was fearful. I was fearful of putting myself out there and not get any views. Better yet I was more afraid of myself than anyone else. I was my biggest critique after one year of playing with the idea I finally stopped planning and went to work. No more living out the ideas just in my mind I turned that potential energy into kinetic energy and whalla… you are sitting here on something I had been sleeping on for quite awhile.

How many times have we been rocked to sleep physically and spiritually? Honestly, for me many times. I often catch myself sleeping on my potential and the impact that I could have on my family, friends, and community…

but let's get deeper…

How many of us are spiritually sleeping? How many of us go through day to day life without an ounce of hunger or conviction in our heart? To be honest if you are being spiritually rocked to sleep then don't be so shocked when you are physically sleeping on your available resources.

Personally, procrastination, excuses, doubt and fear is key signs that I had been rocked to sleep. Lacking in drive and inspiration I was limiting myself to only focusing on the things today and not utilizing my faith and believing in the things unseen. When I began activating my faith I started to see my days be more exciting and I was hungry to work towards my dreams and a stronger relationship with God.

My advice to anyone that has been sleeping on themselves, vision, or calling. Put fear in its place and RISE… you have available resources you are overlooking and many more blessing laying all around you. Get up and face your fears. Do something that you fear each day… if it's pubbing yourself.. Speaking about God… Talking to someone new.. Wearing clothes that don't match. Overcoming fear is facing it head on! Not to run from it act like it isn't present, but to acknowledge and move forward without it.

Regardless put fear in its place and move forward.. Fear is to hold you back and handicap you and to be frank it has held me back alot I was so used to operating out of fear that I became comfortable with being stagnant… and then one day I knew I could no longer sleep on all the God given wisdom and potential. It was now my time to act… Not to just sit and pray,but set myself up in positions that the things i was praying for had a route to get to me now…

Now if you are reading this then you can see I finally moved.. The things that God was prompting me to do I finally put down the planner and stopped writing and started bringing my imagination to life…

What idea or vision have you been sleeping on? Today I call you out… the one that has been sleeping on a vision God has already shown you, but you haven't moved yet.. Yes You get to work… put fear in its place and don't let it stop you… EVER!!!

Be Fearlessly You!

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1 Comment

Thanks for being bold about it and stepping out in faith. I hope you look back nowadays and celebrate the obedience of the day you wrote this blog post. 🤗

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