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Enter In with Prayer!

Let's Try This Again!

Waking up with little time to do devotion and much more things to other than that! See, that's how we lose our prayer life... the more we began to neglect it, then one day we look up and realize our walk with God is non-existent.

Praying is a pivotal key in our relationship with God. No Communication = No Relationship!

Our prayer is a major way we become set free. When we decide to open our mouths & hearts we pour out all the stuff that has been holding our minds captive.

When we combine Prayer with Fasting we began to step into another realm. Our prayers become more powerful, our desire to pray begins to come stronger and before we know it, that once lifeless prayer life is now on fire.

Prayer is How we Enter Into God, How we position ourselves to be available to God. Prayer is when we petition to Heaven our needs and the needs of others!

When we neglect prayer we neglect the well-being of ourselves.

Creative Prayer

Now, prayer can be done in many different forms, and it's your heart that finds your prayer language to the Lord.

I prayer journal, that is what changed me over 5 years ago and led me closer to God.

I had a friend in college that would sing and begin getting in her own prayer, I also knew a girl that prayer danced. As she danced her heart would be praying to the Lord.

And for someone else, it could be drawing, coloring or just sitting quietly.

We are all created by the creator and He has given us our own way of communicating with Him effectively. So, instead of doing your usual prayer today, spice it up, shift it, try something new with your prayer create a list and flow down it, Add new people to your prayer, and most of all, open your heart to God and Let Him Pour inside of you!

Matthew 17:21

"But this kind does not come out except by prayer and fasting."

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