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Don't Stop

In 2017, I walked across the stage at my college graduation. Although I walked, I wasn’t truly done. I needed one more class to complete. So I thought. I remember taking the senior pictures and feeling so excited that I was almost done. I remember sitting in the chairs waiting to walk across the stage. I remember feeling happy. Until two weeks later when my final grades were posted and I received an F grade for physics. This meant that the course I had already taken once before and received a D, now I received an F.

Now, I was all out of financial aid, no more scholarships, and still degreeless. I moved back to my parents home and became depressed. I did a lot of emotional eating, I became a loner and spent a lot of time by myself. I was shattered because my plan of graduating and moving to a new city and getting a good job was no longer in the plans.

For the next two years, still no degree, I worked on my ministry. Put in long nights and days for it, because truly I had nothing else to go after anymore. All the work that I did at university felt pointless, all the organizations I joined felt meaningless because now people under me had degrees and I did not.

Now, fast forward to May 2021, I have just finished my Bachelor’s in Biology. I had to take one class a semester in the midst of working for myself. And I did it. I decided not to stop. I decided that even with little steps I was going to get it. Even when I wanted to give up, I still moved further and attained my goal. Even nights after a long work day, and I needed to write a lab report, I would do it in hopes that I was getting closer to being done.

Today, I look back and smile. The path didn’t go like I planned, but it has gone so much better. God turned that season of despair into a season of massive growth.

God turned that season of loss into a season of gain.

God turned a season of depression into a season of vision.

God used a season of failure and turned it into a season that would change the trajectory of my life forever.

I share my 9-year journey of pursuing my college education and finishing my degree with you because it was the little steps of faith that got me through to the other side. I want you to decide to not stop on your vision and goals.

God will get you to the finish line if you decide to walk in faith.

Weekly Scripture

"I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and give you a hope for the future"

Jeremiah 29:11

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