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Do You Believe?

The end of April I had an excitement because the word I was given by God was "May Miracles". I felt an overwhelming joy and couldn't wait for the miracle. I went to bed many nights excited, because of that word. However, as I began to research miracles in the Bible, I seen that miracles only happened when Gods people had a great need. When they couldn't feed themselves, God sent manna (food) from heaven.

When they were in great danger, God split the Red Sea.

When they battled, God sent them the victory.

Although the miracles are beautiful, I realized that every miracle required Gods people to push past their current level of faith. I saw how the woman with issue of blood, had to push her way through the crowd for the healing. Or how the father had to believe that His son was healed the remainder of His walk home.

I saw that a miracle could only take place in the presence of faith.

Honestly, I had faith, but not enough. I had enough faith that God would pay my bills, keep my lights on and keep blessing me, but when it came to the things I had been desiring for years, I realized I had no faith. I didn't have faith for the new car, a husband, to become a mother, or even a new home. This lack of faith, was because I had waited so long and along the journey I grew weary. After nights of prayers, failed relationships, and unanswered prayers, I quit praying about those needs and tucked it deep away in my heart. Instead of those I focused on living comfortable, just believing for my smaller needs, but our God comes through for us when we believe beyond our natural abilities.

Just like the in the Bible Miracles only happen when we stretch our faith to new levels. This month God wants to do a new thing in you. That dream and desire that have laid within your heart for years God wants to bring that to pass. He says to you "I know you've believed before and you feel like I'll let you down, but I will not. I do not lie, my word, my vision will come to pass".

May is the month of miracles and this month God has stretched my faith so much even when I felt backed up against the wall and afraid, He has shown me a miracle.

I feel strongly that the Daughter's of God are due for a miracle! A miracle is made up of 3 things a Sign, a Wonder and a Work. The sign is the action that happens, a wonder is the divine alignment or favor and the work is the work of Father moving through us with His power.

When a miracle takes place it start with an increase in faith and then a sign, which is the power of God through action, once that happens, you will next see the wonder or in other word the supernatural alignment of God. This is where you see profound favor and lastly the work. The work is all through the father and he's deeper purpose for the miracle. The miracle is more than just the act itself, it is for you to believe again, to see His sovereignty again and to remain in Him.

When was your last miracle? Mine was two years ago when I moved to a new city, with barely any money and for seven months God provided supernaturally. My rent was paid each month and all my bills were covered.

So, I ask you Daughter, do you believe in Miracles?

Weekly Scripture

"See I am doing a new thing in you, do you not perceive it?"

Isaiah 43:19

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