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Changing Seasons

Everyone must go through changing seasons no matter if you're the single woman in college or the recent college graduate you will face changing seasons. The new Wife or Mother you also will go through changing seasons. Every step of the way our life will continue to lead us into new seasons. Quite like mother nature. We all see the signs of the changing season so we must prepare. We go looking for the winter clothes that have been tucked away in storage we pull out the thick socks that will soon be needed and we begin readjusting schedules and daily life around the changing season.

I hope you see I said we adjust not quit! No matter the season that comes life will still move on. We can’t run from the season due to fear of the unknown. We can’t fight the season we must embrace the season. God controls the seasons of nature and the seasons of our lives. He knows when we are in season of sowing or reaping we must be willing to prepare for each season.

We must choose to look over our lives and see what old teachings or lessons we need to pick back up and make it further. We must choose to clothe ourselves in the love of God to be better equipped for the changing season.

Although, the seasons will change and we will soon look up and see how far we’ve come. Never forget that the new season is just leading you to your next. Always have the wisdom to get what God has for you in each season. The Changing Seasons are just an interpretation of the seasons changing in your life. You can always rest in knowing that the prior lessons and revelations from other season are still the same today.

Seasons may Change, but God doesn’t!

-The Awakened Daughter

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