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Believe in Miracles

This is the month of Miracles. Honestly, I hope you are excited about this new month. Each month comes with new blessings and new opportunities to go more voraciously after all God has for you.

Did you fail last month? Did you fall off with your prayer or Bible study? No worries, this new month is more of a chance to see a breakthrough in your life. Right now is your chance to start fresh! A fresh start to your health journey, mental health, or even a fresh start to your business ideas.

I want to challenge you to seize each day. Don’t allow the days to overtake you. Honestly, I’ve allowed many days to overtake me and get me to a place of feeling like my life has no purpose, but that only happened when these three things were going on:

1. I didn’t get enough rest, and I am just drained.

If I am just too drained, overworked, or emotionally exhausted, I tend to feel off in my day. But if I release the guilt and permit myself to rest, watch Netflix©, sleep, and just bask in rest, I will feel replenished and ready to get back to taking on the day.

2. When I don’t make a daily to-do list and give each day a focus.

Having a daily focus or list of things to do keeps me focused and moving forward. Even on the days, I’m home all day, I'll put “take a shower” on my list as well as “wash bedding” or even “walk the dog”. These are all minimal things, but having them on my agenda is more of a push to get them done. Create a daily list, but don’t overdo it, just pick two to three things and get them done.

3. When I am avoiding something it starts to take over my mood and emotions.

I can be such an overthinking person, and when things are too much for me, I tend to avoid them. I should reach out to that family member, or address that issue in the ministry. If you find yourself avoiding something, just speak it out loud to God. For example, if you’re avoiding a mistake you made just say “Lord, (and insert mistake)" And then know that God has forgiven you and allow the guilt and shame to go away.

Now you have the tools you need to have a miracle May.

This month, I want you to have more good days than bad.

I want you to see the beauty all around you instead of looking at what you don’t have.

I want you to have faith and not fear.

I want you to make this month your best one yet.

You will have different challenges spur up this month, but remember to take time to rest, make a list, get to work, or address an inward issue with God.

Have a Miracle May!

Weekly Scripture

"All things are possible to him who believes!”

Mark 9:23

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