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Apply Pressure Sis

I receive weekly messages, comments, and emails from so many ladies, wanting to shift out of where they have always been to where they see God taking them. Often I find myself reflecting on my own journey.

Many of you watch my videos, follow me on Instagram© and read my blogs. My followers might assume that I got it made and all this has come easy, but truthfully it hasn’t.

This journey has required faith, beyond my own abilities This has required me to sacrifice my weekend outings to build. This has required a lot of time alone to address my personal issues of the heart, so that I can help you address yours.

Now, with all that being said, I’ve noticed a few things that have truly helped my vision flourish, helped me impact thousands of women weekly, and still hunger for God. Those things came with applying pressure to my vision.

Imagine a tank filled with a lot of pressure...eventually that thing will burst, and that is what I did for years.

In 2015 I embraced the call to ministry, but didn’t know what it would look like. In 2016 I got the vision and started applying pressure on YouTube©. That’s where the “Fearless Fridays” came from; all 2016 I decided to do a year of Fearlessness. After that year, still with only a few hundred subscribers, I felt discouraged, but kept applying pressure. And in 2017, after two years of uncertainty, the “burst” happened...I got a clear and concise word from God in my college dorm room, and less than two months later, His Daughter’s Closet was formed. And, well, the rest is history.

Although I am so thankful for the burst, I am beyond thankful for the pressure, the build-up that got me to launch. If it wasn’t for the frustration or the previous failed attempts, I would’ve just played it scared like I was used to. But the pressure of not walking in my purpose got far too heavy. I was ready!

Here are four ways I applied pressure:

1. I Ask God for the Vision & Clarity

A God-given vision requires you to partner with God to see the Vision through.

2. If God Said it, Apply Faith to It

We don't just hear the word, but we become doers of the word and that is by applying faith and taking steps in faith.

3. Apply Yourself to the Vision

Be willing to do the background work for your vision and this will be the foundation to building something that can whether any storm.

Enjoy the Season, Don’t Just Endure It

You are in a foundational season, don’t just endure it, enjoy it. Many times I attempted to just hurry up and get through the season, when it actually was a faith-building season.

So, sis, my hope is that throughout 2021, you apply pressure to that dream, you apply pressure to that idea, you apply pressure to that Word of God, and watch it come to pass!

Weekly Scripture

"But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves."

James 1:22

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