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7 Days of No Makeup Experience

I challenged all my subscribers and followers on youtube, my website, and social platforms in total I challenged 11,000 people to try 7 Days of showering

themselves with Love. I was basing it off the scripture “Love thy neighbor as you love thyself”. It made sense to me that on many days I wasn’t truly loving my neighbor, friends, family or acquaintances. I wasn't even loving me.

I was speaking ugly words to myself as I looked into the mirror. After seeing a photo of myself the thoughts of “eww I hate the way I look” would swarm my mind and invade my actions. I realized that I must love myself first to love my neighbor.

I challenged myself and 11,000 more people to try the self love challenge for 7 days. Each day came with a topic, a verse and an activity. A mini devotional at the end to give them something worth reflecting over. I never knew I was going to not wear makeup, but I spontaneously decided to go 7 Days of this challenge and not wear any makeup.

Nothing to cover up my acne scars.

Nothing to cover up the dark circles under my eyes.

No more eyebrows on fleek.

No more smooth flawless skin.

Just me in all my naturalness!

Day 1 I felt ugly! I purposely did not get on snapchat because I was afraid my followers would no longer see me as beautiful. I had a day at home which I purposely planned to not be seen. I felt like I couldn’t be seen. If anyone seen me they probably would think I was sick or had no sleep. So, this day I stayed home.

Day 2 I recorded a youtube video and in the editing process I couldn’t stand to look at myself. My flaws was all I could see. I prayed and uploaded the video. Many got blessed by that video and to my surprise they seen past my flaws and seen the heart of my content. This made me realize there was more to me than just my natural beauty and that no one was criticizing my looks, only I was.

Day 3 Was the hardest day. Family had came in and when the waitress snapped a photo for us I seen me. This photo almost brought tears to my eyes. I looked so ugly. I felt my entire mood go down. I felt the hurt burning on the inside of me. I was mad at myself more than anything. I was hurt that I felt this way. Although, I preach the Word of God to women everywhere I am battling also. This day ended with me praying a lot about my insecurities. That photo showed me just how deep my wound of lacking self love really was.

Day 4 Another recording Day. I was kind of better. Somehow I was excited for this lookbook. Although, I wasn’t happy with my body I knew this was gonna be beautiful. This day was beautiful! Beautiful in such a way that even through all the bad shots we had I still found beautiful unique photos. However, it was time to edit, and I began breaking again. Seeing all my flaws I felt myself wanting to do away with all the footage, but I knew I wasn’t upset with the footage. I was upset with these insecurities. I was tired of dealing with these and just wanted a break. I pushed through that mini breakdown and uploaded the footage.

Day 5 I woke up and started my day handling some last minute business when I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror something looked different. I looked so beautiful. I was smiling at myself because the beauty I seen. Not just the natural beauty, but something changed. I went to bed the night before battling with this self love thing and woke up feeling and looking beautiful. Honestly, nothing changed about me. My hair and skin was still the same, but my eyes for me changed. That morning I got on snapchat with no filter and wasn’t afraid of showing the real me anymore. Because the real me is beautiful.

Day 6 Insecurities would pop in my mind, but I wouldn’t allow it hold me captive. I knew I was beautiful, worthy and enough in God's eyes. This Day I embraced family and outings without the fear of being seen.

Day 7 This wasn't my last day of no makeup I kept going. Although, I like makeup I knew it no longer had to be a daily requirement. Day 7 felt like I was no longer in the challenge. I was just living my everyday life.

These days made me embrace all my discoloration, pimples and acne scars. Although, I do not like them I was able to look past those and see my true beauty.

If you feel an attachment to makeup like I did then you should try a 3-7 day no makeup challenge. This was hard to do photos and still keep up with daily tasks, but I gained much more than just clearer skin.

I gained a confidence that radiated even without a touch of makeup.

I gained mental awareness that no longer held me captive.

I gained faith that made me push through the hard days.

I gained trust in God and lastly, I gained Self Love!

- The Awakened Daughter

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