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5 ways to Be Still

Have you found yourself on the verge of a breakdown? Like at a place you feel so overwhelmed because you've been pouring out of an empty cup!

Well, I know mothers, wives, ministers, working women and the college student can attest to this.

Truly more than I'd like to admit I've fed people from an empty cup.

With long to-do lists and deadlines I can find myself empty and trust me empty doesn't look good!

Empty looks like an empty fridge because I haven't made time to get groceries, garbage that needs to be taken out, an unmade bed, unclean piles of clothes, and fast food for the third night in row. Also, mentally you can feel drained, overlooked, unappreciated, and depressed.

See, I'm sharing this from my personal struggle, but nonetheless when I find myself riding on fumes, long over due to fill up, I must stop it all!

I must log out of social media, shut down the computer and take time to get filled back up with God's Presence, Word, and Promises.

Here are 5 ways I get filled back up to go out and do what He has called me to do!

1. Take the Burden off:

Decide to lay it all down, all your thoughts, to-do lists, and even your fears! Lay down the need to be perfect, right, or look a certain way! Release it and trust that God has it in His hands! Take your burden off, it was never meant to be yours!

2. Make A Daily Plan

When you sit down to study God's word, make a plan before-hand! Follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit!

What story has been on your mind a lot lately?

What word has been showing up everywhere?

What scripture has ministered to you the most lately?

Use this to navigate your way in the Bible from stories to read or scriptures to dig deeper into and you will gain new insight and revelation in from God.

3. Take time to Read A Good Book with a cup of coffee

We are running on fumes many times because we haven't filled back up. So, do something that will fill you up! Read a good book, have a cup of coffee, a prayer journal, work out the matters of your heart and take time to work on yourself!

4. Do more things that bring you Joy

What brings you joy? Walks, hot chocolate, family, painting, drawing, creating, and napping etc. When you are running on empty it means you haven't filled up your personal tank!

If you don't seek joy, you won't experience it.

If you don't seek peace, you won't feel it.

If you don't seek hope, you won't see it.

Start seeking out more things that bring you joy, gives you peace and adds hope to your life

5. Be Free from the Weights of the World

Give yourself a chance to be free for one hour or even one day, just let all the judgement of others and yourself go. Let all the fear of "what if''go. Let all your worries go and in this moment and just be still in God.

Be still and know. Be still and believe. Be still and live in God's goodness.

We all run on fumes at times, but the awareness is the first step to getting filled back up is to Be still in mind, body, and spirit!

Weekly Scripture

"The Lord will fight for you; and you shall be still."

Exodus 14:14

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