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5 Blessings in the Garden

We see many times in scripture that Jesus would go to a solitary place, usually in the morning, and spend time with God. He would be in prayer, and this is how we build a close relationship with God. I’ve learned over the last five years of ministry to never neglect the times I get to have true solitude with God.

I know my YouTube© videos look great, and my speaking events look nice, but the whole reason I am able to do that is because of the time I’ve spent with God in the garden. Honestly, living in a city and having a busier schedule than usual, can make me feel like I need to spend more time in a garden with God. I say this because every time I get to come back to my mother’s home, I go into my grandfather's old garden to pray.

This garden has seen me at my lowest and highest.

This garden has watched me return home more broken than when I left.

This garden has watched me try again and again and still feel behind in life.

This garden has seen my evolution, but nonetheless, no matter how far I go, God calls me back to this garden.

The garden is the physical manifestation of a place I go to spend time with God. This means nothing is off-limits. I’m not Morgan Tracy J in the garden, nor am I my occupation, weight, or even views. I am just His daughter! A scared, timid fragile, uncertain daughter just hoping that I am making Him proud.

I pray you find your garden. It can be a morning solitude, an evening walk with your dog, or the little side chair that you like to sit in and think. I pray you find your garden.

Because if Jesus being the physical manifestation of God went alone to a solitary place to speak with God, then how much more should we?

Five things I always gain in the garden:

  1. Vision for the Next Chapter or Season

  2. Refreshed sense of closeness with God

  3. Gratitude for my Current Season

  4. Experience more Joy and Peace

  5. Embrace the Love of God Again

Every time God calls me back to the Garden, it's so He can add a refreshed sense of love, joy, and peace to my life through His Presence.

Find your garden(sacred place to be at peace) sis, and when you do, you will find God.

Weekly Scripture

“​​But now even more the report about him went abroad, and great crowds gathered to hear him and to be healed of their infirmities. But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray.”

Luke 5:15-16

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1 Comment

Astum China
Astum China
Apr 20, 2022

wow this is a beautiful wake up call for us to spend more time in the presence of God...l needed this reminder thank you

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