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Workbook that can help you take inventory on your ministry and take action to make it better.

Ministry Makeover


YouTube Tips
for You

All Morgans YouTube Tips revealed to help you get started and take action!


Advice to teach you how to step into a Christian Entrepreneur by using your God-given gifts.




Daily Accountability to help you start your Ministry with No Money!

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Night Routine Makeover

Powerful and Purposeful Mornings start with your night routine!


Start Your Ministry with No Money

I share with you How I got started building my ministry with no money!


Get Flow back in your life with this Prayer Journal.

Flow Prayer Journal Prompt


2021 Fasting Guide

3-Day Esther Fast Guide with Daily Inspiration, and tips to help you.


The Questionnaire that will help you clarify your vision.

Ministry Audit


2020 Fasting Guide

Fasting Guide, food list, and more to help you along your Daniel fast!

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8-page workbook to help you to stop holding yourself back!

2020 Workbook




Want to be a Christian Influencer? Well, this free guide gives you the ultimate game-plan!

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We all need a glow up in our entire life. Get inspired to improve your life!

Glow Up Guide

Prayer Journal

7 Day prayer prompt to help you love your life again! The goal is to help you slow down and find meaning in your life.

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Get Back Up Worksheet!.png

We've all been knocked down now let's focus on getting back up! Take time to print this worksheet to Get Back Up!

Get Back Up

Mornings Guide

A Guide with full of amazing content. Daily Affirmation Checklist, with a questionnaire + a Weekly Planner!

All for Free!

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Open Doors Fast.png

Need help fasting? Try the 21-Day Open Doors Fast with a weekly guided topic, and daily prayer journaling questions.

Fasting Guide

Arise Devotional

30 Day Devotional to Inspire you for your Calling. If you know it or not, this devotional will inspire you to take the first step!

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Helpful Tips To Help Transform Your Devotional Life. Start Finding Your Secret Place every day with this Resource!

Secret Place

Step Up

7 Tips To Help You Step Into Your Calling! This can be Frightening, but in this resource will give you the Push You Need!

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A 10 Step Resource To help You create an effective Vision Board and Watch it Impact Your Life.

Vision Board

Selah Moment

a 4 week Bible Study for the Busy woman! If you need to recenter and find God again in your life this is the resource for you!

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A workbook for the woman with a vision,or goal and let it go. This was made to help you get moving on your vision!

Begin Again

Self Love

Need a little more You time? Feeling insecure and not very good inside? Don't worry, use this resource and practice self-love through the Word of God.

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Morgan's personal battle with depression and How she overcame it with the Hope and Love of God.


Love Devotional

This devotional is to inspire you to live within Gods love through Intimacy, Joy, Friends, Power and Glory. You will Know You are Loved!


10 Valuable Tips on How to Walk in Purity. After 2 years of Celibacy here are my top 10 tips.

Tips to Purity

Out of the Pit

Coming out of the place of unfulfillment in God. Releasing Idols and Finding the True meaning to Life.